Kitten with a broken leg

My 4 month old kitten broke her leg. She's had the splint for 4 weeks now and yesterday the vet took the splint out and put a soft bandage on it. The vet said that ideally the bandage should stay on for two weeks but when I saw Sheeba's leg I got scared! It is very thin and the toes don't look too good either. I am very worried and don't know what to do? Should I keep the bandage on for another two weeks or should I take it off and start exercising her leg? I have to add that the x-rays were taken and the leg healed completely so I really don't see any reason to keep the leg in bandages on. This is my first kitty, and first kitty injury and I am freaking out. Please help! Thank you!!

Asked by Sheeba on Mar 4th 2011 Tagged brokenleg in Health & Wellness
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Did you vet say to leave the splint on for another two weeks? If so, then why would he have taken it off? Keep the soft bandage on the leg if that's what you were told. A follow-up visit is definitely in order to see if the leg has completely healed. How did the kitten break her leg in the first place? I'm more concerned about how it happened. Try to avoid whatever the cause was at all costs. Do not let this kitten outdoors and get her spayed ASAP! Best wishes to kitty!

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Definately follow the vet's instructions. Her bones are still weak, not only from the fracture, but also because she is still growing. Even gently exercising her leg could cause damage. Because your kitty has this vet and you've paid him/her money, you have every right to call their office and ask them these same questions. If you feel as though anything doesn't look right, just give them a call and they can usually tell you over the phone if what you're dealing with is normal or not. Please do not go against the doctor's orders, as he/she just wants what's best for your kitty.

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Izadore (Izzie)

I agree with the other posters. You are paying the vet for their care of your kitten. They know best--they went to school for years and years to learn about the best way to take care of animals. Since you will be probably be using this vet for all of your kitty's life, you need to do what they tell you and not assume that you know better than they do. When a person suffers a broken leg or arm, that extremity also looks disgusting when the cast is taken off. The skin will replenish itself and the person usually is given exercises by the doctor or physical therapist that will bring the tendons, muscles and bone back to normal. Same for your kitty. Just go along, 100% with what her vet says. She will be OK as long as you do this.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 3/4/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Sheeba is very cute. It's pretty normal for muscles to waste away while you are in a cast because they haven't been used for weeks and they will gradually grow back to normal. You should ask the vet these questions. They'll probably be able to explain everything and put your mind at rest but if you don't get good answers you have every right to take her to a different vet for a second opinion. I know how you feel as any illness or injury to your pet is stressful. Luckily she's young and will probably be charging around the house again soon.

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Purincess Miranda

Follow the vet's orders. Our little kitty has been recovering from two shattered front legs for over two months. The first time I saw her legs when a splint was changed, it was pretty scary. All the fur was gone, there were sores on her skin. The soft bandages will protect her legs and as she begins to move around, the muscles will help regain the strength. When the muscles tone up, the leg with not be so thin. DO not exercise the leg unless the vet says to. There is more to this than mere bone, there are muscles and nerves to consider. Wow, am I going on here. You are brave to handle a kitten with a fracture. I know where you are! The biggest thing is to be patient. It does get better!

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