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Kitten Treats.....

Meows! I'm Kaci and I'm a 2 month old Sphynx. My Mommy would like to know what kind of treats that she can give me without upsetting my tummy. She's wanting to teach me the "rules of the house" with some "positive reinforcement".


Asked by ~♥ Kaci ♥~ on Apr 29th 2008 Tagged treats in Treats
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Well, what kind of treats has your mommy tried that have upset your tummy? I would go for a holistic, all natural type of treat. Blue Buffalo has a Spa Selects treat which is a dry crunchy treat, comes in chicken and salmon flavors. Also, some Feline Greenies might help!! I haven't seen a kitty get sick over those. My cat loves treats and has a very sensitive tummy.

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Since me and my brother and sister kitties are on a twice a day feeding schedule, we don't have food available at all times. Meowmie uses our regular dry kibble as treats! We just love our dry food (it is a real high quality holistic type), and she knows that it doesn't contain anything that will hurt us or upset our tummies!

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