iv started letting my cats out under my supervision when is it safe to leave them out there without me being there

my cats have been indoor cats up untill recently iv been going out the let them go round the garden only under my supervision when can i let them out without me being there

Asked by Member 1071532 on Nov 18th 2011 Tagged outdoors in The Catster Website
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It will only be safe if you build a full cat-proof enclosure with a roof. If they are used to going out under your supervision they may be less likely to stray but if something catches their interest and they chase it or something spooks them and they run away from it they could leave your property and end up going so far they can't find their way back. There is also nothing you can do to protect them from fighting with other (potentially disease-carrying) cats, stray dogs, small wildlife like raccoons, possums, and skunks, and even larger predators like wolves, coyotes, cougars, and even birds of prey like hawks!

On top of that no matter how well you supervise or how good of an enclosure you get you can't protect them from the smallest threats- small rodents infected with parasites and tiny fleas- the parasite that spreads parasites! For all these reasons I don't think any of us Catsters would recommend spoiling content indoor cats with unsupervised time free-roaming outdoors.

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