Is there any way to get the pound to pay for any bills we'll be getting?

we got a cat from the pound 3 weeks ago, they told us she wasn't fixed yet and had just gotten out of heat. but now we think she's pregnant. we havn't let her out of our house at all.

Asked by Member 1101753 on Mar 23rd 2012 in Pregnancy
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Izadore (Izzie)

If you signed an adoption contract or got any paperwork from this shelter, read it carefully. There is usually a paragraph about "pre-existing" conditions. She will need to go to a vet to prove how far along she is and that she was pregnant when you adopted her. Most shelters will do the right thing and pay for at least a portion of the vet bills you will incur with this cat. I'm surprised that they adopted her to you w/o spaying her first, but maybe I'm just naieve. If you have the nerve, pack her up and take her back to the shelter and explain that you think she was adopted to you already pregnant. Don't call--it's too easy to blow someone off over the phone. Ask to speak to the shelter manager or director. Be firm but polite.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 3/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Also it's important to know that if she's less than 8 weeks pregnant many vets can do a spay/abort. Any fetuses would sadly have to be euthanized but you probably saw dozens of healthy adult cats and grown kittens at that pound that were scheduled to be euthanized because they are competing with hundreds of cats in most every no-kill shelter out there, "free to a good home" kittens born to people's pets that are lucky if they go to a real home and aren't sold for laboratory use, rescue groups adopting out millions of rescued cats and kittens through private adoption and pet shop adoption programs, and still millions of stray and feral cats out there showing up on people's doorsteps looking for a meal and maybe a warm place to sleep. It's a tough decision to make but you should know it may be an option if you can get her into a vet ASAP. The pound may have a staff vet who would do it as they see first hand the tragic effect of overpopulation.

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