Is St. Augustine Grass toxic to cats?

Is St. Augustine Grass toxic to cats?

My newly adopted shelter kitten was having a blast with all of her new toys, cozy beds and hiding spots in our bedroom... But is getting a serious case of cabin fever and now spends most of her time staring out the windows and longing to jump around in our garden. I bought a few squares of St. Augustine grass to patch up my front yard with, but I'm thinking of maybe bringing some indoors and creating a little garden for her.

Just want to be sure this stuff isn't toxic for my kitty as I didn't find it on the ASPCA's extensive list of toxic & non-toxic plants.

Anyone out there have an answer for us?


Asked by Member 1165807 on Apr 18th 2013 Tagged toxicplants, nontoxicplants, grass, grasses, staugustinegrass, boredkitten, kittygarden, bringingtheoutdoorsinside in Health & Wellness
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