Is my HY-PER kitten normal?

I have a few concerns regarding my 10 week old kitty. She can be as sweet as sugar, but she is extremely hyper.

She sleeps approximately 10-12 hours a day and is constantly play hunting and play fighting. She'll go after her toys, pens, spools, candy wrappers, empty toiler rolls, her tail, etc. She also insists on chewing and biting her toys and people's fingers, and even bites her tail before letting go and continue to "stalk it".

Tonight, while my mom was reading,the kitten jumped on up on the chair,bounced up on my mom's chest and then went after the book.

I tried experimenting with the "stay calm" technique while she's biting my hand; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't: she will either start using her back paws or continue biting until she falls asleep a couple (2-3) minutes later.

Is she normal? She was found abandoned in a box with 1 litter mate and I don't know much about her history.

Asked by Member 1199281 on Feb 17th 2014 Tagged kitten, active, hyper, biting, bite in Other Behavior & Training
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Pookie Face (in memory)

This is COMPLETELY normal. It is futile and against kitty nature for you to try to calm her down at all!! My kitten is the same way, fyi; she's now 6 months old. Within four days of being spayed, she had chewed her stitches out and was jumping on the other cats again, wanting to play. Cats will calm down from the kitten phase at about a YEAR and a half. In the meantime, ensure that you are feeding her a healthy diet with no added colors, flavors or by-products such as MaxCat by Nutro. Kittens should eat kitten-only food for their first six months, and you can introduce treats at approximately age 6 months. In the meantime, all kittens do is sleep, play and eat... you are her feeder and a human springboard now. Get her spayed before age 6 months when she can go into heat, and keep the littermate if you do not want to be her only playmate- big job. Also buy tons of 99 cent toys, a cat condo and scratching posts so that she has things to entertain herself with biting besides YOU!

Pookie Face (in memory) answered on Feb 17th.

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yes, after all she is a kitten kittens know three four things play, eat, sleep, and play some more. she will be this way till she is at least 10-11 momths old and then will slow down some. my momma has a 7-8 year old kit that still plays like a kitten at times
no need to worry

KING SIR THUNDERFOOT answered on 2/27/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer