Is my cat just fat or is it pregnant

her nipples are big and her tummy is fat and sensitive and shes not in heat any more

Asked by Member 828900 on Apr 21st 2009 in Pregnancy
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Well...if she's not spayed and she is allowed outside she is most probably pregnant. You should have a vet visit to confirm and be sure she is getting adequate nutrition during her pregnancy. or you could have her spayed now (this would be my recommendation). If you decide to have the kittens then you NEED to have her spayed when she has weaned the kittens.

Hunter answered on 4/21/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Sounds pregnant to me. I don't know where or how you acquired this cat--if she's a stray that just showed up on your doorstep one day, pregnant, then bless you for taking her in. If she's a cat you've had for a while, you should at least have a general knowledge of cat pregnancy--its likelihood in the case of females who go outside, the signs of pregnancy, and what to do to prepare for birth. Put her on kitten food, prepare a birthing box, get the number of an emergency vet just in case something goes wrong, and if you can get her to the vet in a way that won't put too much stress on her, you might want to have her checked out before she gives birth to make sure that all is going well. Afterwards, make sure that the kittens get all their shots and that you take responsibility for finding them good homes. And I agree that you should get her spayed. Finding kittens good homes is not easy, and cats who mate randomly run the risk of getting various icky diseases.

Lola answered on 4/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer