Is it too early for my cat to start shedding?

When I pet my cat I feel like I am covered in cat hair.

Asked by Member 1155090 on Feb 13th 2013 Tagged shedding in Grooming
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Angel Lucy Liu(1-5-10/10-29-15

Cats tend to shed some year-round. Type of coat & quantity of undercaot affects quantity of shed hair. Cats tend to shed more when they're nervous. Old cats who aren't grooming themselves well appear to shed more. Mother cats usually shed undercoat when they have young kittens. Some health problems can cause a cat to shed more than normal. Fleas & ear mites & other itchy skin problems will cause a cat to tear hair out. Kittens shed out baby coat as they grow in adult coat.
Even seasonal shedding doesn't always follow the seasons as a human would expect them too. Many times I've seen cats shed out undercoat in the dead of winter, a time when we humans would expect their coats to be thickest and least likely to shed Brushing & combing your cat regularly will reduce the amount of hair that gets shed on your & around your house.

Angel Lucy Liu(1-5-10/10-29-15 answered on 2/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer