Is it safe to bathe a 2 week old kitten? And if so, what should I use? She has fleas REALLY bad.

Asked by Member 1063876 on Oct 16th 2011 in Health & Safety
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Definitely consult a vet before using anything besides a flea comb. Flea dips won't necessarily solve the problem and the chemicals are very dangerous for a kitten that age and any kind of bath could give a kitten that young hypothermia very easily. If the flea infestation is "REALLY" bad the kitten may also have anemia, putting her at even greater risk and the vet will want to treat her for that to increase her chance of surviving until she's big and strong enough for proper flea treatments. Also, if your 2 week old kitten has bad fleas her mother and any other unprotected animals in the house will have them, too, and they may be in your carpets and on your furniture. Your vet can advise you on how to go about safely getting rid of the entire infestation.

Hannah answered on Oct 16th.

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you should take your kitten to the vet

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