Farrah Jaqua

Is a 6-7 year old cat too old to spay?

I will be adopting a 6-7 year old cat next week that hasn't been spayed yet. She has had two litters in the past. Is she too old to get spayed? Will it change her in anyway?

Asked by Farrah Jaqua on Jan 6th 2012 Tagged spay, adultcat in Health & Wellness
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No, your cat is not too old to be spayed and it will not change her in any way. Spaying a cat will prevent unwanted litters of kittens and reduce or eliminate your cat's risk of getting any reproductive cancers. Your veterinarian will want to do blood work before your cat is put under anesthesia to be spayed. Spaying is the best thing you could do for a cat for the reasons I have listed. Best of luck with your new kitty. Hope all goes well.

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