Davy Jones

Im wondering if this is normal :)

My kitten is a neat freak when it comes to eating...
I know all cats like to keep themselves clean but this seems so silly to me. Davy will find the messiest place in the entire house to take a nap in but he cannot keep his mind set on eating if there is any mess. Recently Ive noticed that whenever he eats he makes a scratching noise as if he was in his litter box so I watched him... He seems to be pushing food out of the bowl with his nose and spends 3-5 minutes clawing it back into the bowl... unsuccessfully. It doesnt matter if its wet or dry food, sometimes even water he has to claw around his entire bowl. So I was wondering if this is a normal occurrence in cats and if there is anything i can do to help besides getting him a deeper dish thanks

Asked by Davy Jones on Aug 25th 2010 Tagged cleanfreak, neat, food, scratching, ocd in Scratching
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I am wondering if Davy is experiencing any gastrointestinal distress? If this is new behavior a vet visit is in order. Cats have all sorts of quirks at the dish and in the litter pan - but if this is new, and he is not eating - there is probably a reason. Have you switched food lately? Is there anything going on in his litter pan? I would ask your vet to take a look and see if there is anything going on in his mouth, belly, etc. If all checks out okay then it's behavioral and that may take some time to figure out - maybe he doesn't like where his dish is? Is he competing for food? Phoebe will try to bury her food and her brother's as well when he gets too close at feeding time - this is normal - but she is eating. Talk to your vet just to give yourself a little piece of mind and then try to figure out what is bothering him around his dish. Good luck!

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