I'm moving overseas. Flying with large cat on JetBlue, will they check to see if he is over the weight/size limit?

Do they weigh your cat and carrier?
Do the gate agents or check-in agents inspect your pet to see if he is too big etc? Or will they just look at him quickly to see if he is a cat?

I could really use your feedback; especially if you have flown JetBlue.

He is an 18.4 lb cat who is overweight but also just really big for a cat. Not like a maine-coon or anything but he's big.

My concern is few airlines will let me take him. JetBlue allows you to take your cat but the cat and carrier must weigh under 20 lbs and the max allowed size would be a little small for him; I would use the Sherpa Large. but could put him in the medium- he is over the lb limit for it but its worth it if I can get him home

I know he'll be ok on the plane IF i can get him on (knowing him he'll just curl up and take a nap until we land.)

BUT I'm terrified that they will notice that the carrier is too big (although it will be soft and therefore squishy.) and that he and the carrier together will weigh over 20 lb

Asked by Member 1000628 on Aug 15th 2010 Tagged travel, airplane, jetblue, bigcat in Travel & Recreation
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I am not sure if they will check his weight. When you go through the xray in security, they will have you take him out of the carrier and carry him through while the carrier is checked. But are you aware that there is a $100 charge to take a live animal as your carry on with Jet Blue? You have to book your flight by phone to arrange that. I am getting a kitten from FL and had looked into that but decided to have her shipped on Continental Petsafe instead. I would call the airlines to verify all of the info for your flight so theren't any nasty surprises that day.

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