I'm leaving my cat alone for 2-3 days. What advice do you have for feeding? I'm concerned about his not getting wet food

When I'm away, Tucker has only dry food until I return. Is this a problem for him? He's a good eater and drinker.

Asked by Member 1180506 on Jul 21st 2013 Tagged selffeedingfordaysweek in Food & Nutrition
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Bezalel Tiger

Make sure you leave PLENTY of EXTRA!!! water and have a friend come to scoop out the box, otherwise you are going to come home to a royal mess! Or, you can hire a Pet Sitter that is licensed, bonded and insured from Pet Sitters International to visit every other day. ^_^ Mine brings in the paper, plays with toys with them, cleans water bowls, gets mail, straightens and cleans up messes, freshens up food bowls etc. If something happens and you find him in bad shape, you're not going to be able to forgive yourself for leaving him alone.

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