If you do not spay or neuter your pet why not?

when there are so many without home!! :(

Asked by Member 415191 on Mar 17th 2008 in Humane Education
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Dulci (In Loving Memory - you

There are lots of reasons that responsible parents might choose not to spay or neuter.

1) The health of the animal. This is not common, but some pets really do not do well under anesthesia.

2) Moral and Religious objections to altering animals. Orthodox jews, some christian sects, and other groups feel that you do not have the right to remove an animal's reproductive drive any more than you have a right to cut off their toes, or remove their voice boxes.

3) Breeding potentional. Many animals have characteristics that make them valuable working (and show, of course) animals. These animals are breed for intelligence, behaviors, personalities, strength and other traits useful in particular situations like herding cattle & sheep, search and rescue, or living in extreme environments.

4) medical opinions that differ about the importance of a first litter. There still exist many studies that suggest a cat or dog is healthier if she has been allowed a first litter.

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