I think my cat is pregnant. How do I know when she is preparing to give birth?

I got Sugar from my friends house a little over a month ago. She was never outside here and they had her for about 3 months prior and can't remember the last time she was outside. Her belly has definetly gotten bigger and her nipples are very large. Sugar isn't very large anyway so I don't think she could physically carry more than 2 babies. However I have never had a pregnant cat so I don't know. (I was planning to get her spayed, before everyone told me she was pregnant) My worry is her finding a spot to have her kittens. She usually sleeps on the kitchen table or on top of the counter where she eats because the dogs like to try to play with her. (btw she is the boss of all the animals) I would like to know of any possible signs of her getting ready so I can keep her in my bed room so she has a safe place to have her kittens. Any suggestions?
(and in case anyone is wondering I already have superb homes planned for the new babies when they reach 8 weeks)

Asked by Sugar on Feb 3rd 2009 in Pregnancy
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Don't be too surprised if she has more than 2 kittens. My sister's oldest cat weighed about 7 lbs when she got pregnant and ended up having 6 babies. The first one out had to have his tail amputated since most of it broke off on his way out and the second baby out (my Adonis) has a kink at the tip of his tail. The father of those 2 also ended up being a Maine Coon so both of them are close to weighing 20 lbs.

When it comes to a place for her to give birth, she'll most likely pick her own place but it might be a good idea to block off a bedroom from the dogs so she can go somewhere without feeling threatened. This is especially important since you haven't had her for very long. Also, you should take her into the vet to get a tentative due date for her and possibly a baby count just to be sure you have enough homes lined up.

I wish you the best of luck

answered on Feb 4th.

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Good for you! Finding homes for the babies is the most important thing! You might consider keeping them a bit longer than 2 months, though--the longer they're with their siblings and Momcat, the better socialized they will become.

To your question. My Leila had 7 kittens in October, and up to the day before the birth, she was acting as usual--jumping on the desk, etc. However, it is usual that a cat on the brink of childbirth will start "nesting" activity--looking for a place to give birth. Although I prepared a "nest" (as shown by my breeder), she chose to have the kittens under the bed instead.

What my breeder suggests is a large cardboard box lined with pet sheets or something washable, as liquid is likely to come out when she gives birth. Cut an opening that is large enough for the mother to come out of, but is raised slightly so that the kittens can't emerge until they are ready. The cardboard box can be thrown away after it's served its purpose.

Lola answered on 2/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


When Fluffy had her kittens the day she went into labor she followed me around all day. Also get a heating pad, she pushed one kitten to the side, but after I had it on the heating pad and his body temp went up he was perfectly fine. Of course she had the kittens under the bed.

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