i think my cat is part mau, any dominant traits?

she is small and skinny, shiny silver fur with some darker stripes on the legs and chest. her eyes are green but i dont know if the eyes have reached their full coloring because shes less than a year old. she even has the flap of skin that maus have from her knee to mid stomach. i have done tons of research but im just looking for some more tips. im not saying shes full breed but i think definitely part breed.

Asked by Sophia-lily on Jan 4th 2010 in Egyptian Mau
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I hate to disappoint you, but I think it's unlikely that Sophia-lily is part Egyptian Mau. Maus are a relatively new, rare, and expensive cat. Breeders usually sell desexed cats or require a spay/neuter agreement from the new owner, and the new owner is unlikely to let a rare and valuable cat outside to mate with the general cat population. True, Maus are known for their green eyes, and tend to be on the small side, but her facial configuration is very different from the typical Mau (see the Cat Fanciers' Association Breed Profile for the Egyptian Mau). If anything, she looks like she could have some Siamese genetic heritage, judging from her facial configuration and ear setting. I would say that she is a silver tabby (it's hard to tell, but perhaps a ticked tabby) who may or may not have a Siamese ancestor. I see Egyptian Maus at cat shows, and Sophia-lily has a distinctly different look. But she's a pretty cat, and you love her. Enjoy.

Lola answered on 1/5/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer