I really want a cat, but the last cat we had go killed by something. My parents said if I got a cat it would also get ki

My parents believe something killed my indoor/ outdoor cat. Where we live it is possible but all of my neighbors have cats. I want a cat and my parents say keeping it indoor is not an option because they do not want a litter box. What could I do to increase the chances of my cat being safe where I live

Asked by Member 1138853 on Nov 3rd 2012 Tagged kittenssafety in Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

I can tell you that if you are under 18, you need your parent's consent to adopt from a rescue and it doesn't sound like they'll give it. You can always adopt a "free kitten" from your neighborhood, but that's taking a chance on an unhealthy or anti-social kitten. In addition, to be a responsible cat owner,you will need to take it to the vet to be fixed and once a year, examined and vaccinated. It will also need food, toys and yes, a litter box. All cost $$. My son's cat is an outdoor cat who comes in at night and uses his box. That's just part of having a cat and if it's distasteful to your parents, the cat will not have the kind of life it deserves. In addition, to adopt a cat and then throw it outdoors and expect it to fend for itself almost guarantees a short life. Once the cat is out, unless you accompany her on her daily "rounds" there is no way you can protect her. Also, if you were very upset by your cat's death, it's possible they may want to save you the pain of another loss

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