I really hurt my cat. I'm a bad person and I don't know what to do with the cat.

I had a kitten who is now 3 months old who seemed to be getting lonely because i was never home. i got another kitten, 2 months, to be her playmate but she started to hiss at him and hide from him. So, after a while I decided to take Koda to my room to smell the new kitty's toys and stuff in a safe surrounding. But, once she smelled his things she started to hiss again. I got one of his toys and put near her to try and play with her but she started hissing so i put the toy aside and went in to pet her to assure her that everything was ok. But she started to violently hiss and attacked my hand. So, (and I have never done this before) I grabbed her by the neck very very violently and she was freaking out so i threw her very hard onto the wood floor and she got up and ran to hide under my table. she was growling at me and hissing and i immediately realized what i had done and wanted to kill myself. she hisses at me all the time now. should i find her a better home away from me?wat do i do

Asked by Member 897184 on Oct 4th 2009 Tagged abuse, kitten in Health & Safety
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First of all, you need to stop freaking out. It will only frighten a cat who is already really frightened.

Give her some space. See if she comes out from under the table on her own. When she does, watch to see if she is eating, sleeping and pooping normally. If some of those things are not happening, she needs to go to a vet immediately to be checked out.

As for the introduction, hissing and hiding for a kitty is normal. The one thing you don't want to do is force her to go at the pace you want her to go. She will take as long as she will take to warm up to the other kitty. You just need to slow down to her pace.

How long have you had the other kitten? He shouldn't even be out and about with your existing kitty until he has been vetted, or even for the first 48 hours. He should have a space all his own, a room where he can stay and you can visit him frequently. Dial back to that step, and go from there. Don't rush either kitty.

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Lucy Nooner

This is the website for the National Suicide and Crisis Hotline:

Please call them at 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255 if you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or feeling overwhelmed by your emotions. If you have friends or family, this would also be a good time to utilize your support system.

Is your cat okay? It sounds like she is pretty distressed and she could be hurt. She needs medical attention immediately. Based on what happened, I don’t think you should try to handle her yourself. She is probably very afraid and possibly hurt and you are obviously very stressed out. Maybe try using stinky cat food or tuna fish to lure her into a carrier and then take her to an emergency vet tonight. If you are unable to get her in a carrier or if you are feeling too stressed out and upset, call your local ER or animal control or shelter and ask for help. It’s very important that if she is hurt, she gets treatment right away. Also, make sure that the two cats are in separate rooms; it has been a very stressful night in your home and it’s important that the two kitties (and you) are safe.

Once you have these immediate needs addressed (that you are okay and that your cats are safe and get medical attention), then you can focus on what to do next. Please get yourself counseling. And please get medical treatment right away for you cat.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Both Gracie and Lucy are right. You are not an animal abuser or a "bad person", but you do have issues. You need to talk to someone. Many cities offer free clinics with counselors who can help you. As for the cats, walk away if you notice that you are losing your control. I've dealt with animals who've been repeatedly abused, and one of the wonderful things about them is that they do forgive. I suggest that for now, you do the minimum of care. Make sure their litter boxes are clean, feed and water them but don't try to coax them out to play. If they come around, speak softly and calmly. If they jump on your lap, don't try to pet them until they headbonk you. They need to know you know you made a mistake. Give it a try and God Bless. Good luck.

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I think the best advice for this has been giving by the other wonderful users, I jsut wanted to add that out pets dont always undertand what we are doing and we need to give them time to figure it out. it can take weeks for an old cat to accept a new cat. They will be upset and confused but you cant tell them everything is ok and your trying to help, because they really jsut dont understand. to her, you were shoving something she didnt like in her face, and then grabbed her and threw her. she is certainly scared and confused and doesnt at all understand what happens. You're not a bad person, but you do need tot hink about your action and as other said, maybe talk to someone about why you did then and how to slow down and thing before acting in the future. You need to give your kity time, dont force yourself onto her and jsut let her trust you again, give her some special treat, let her know shes special to you, and please please think about thisin the future.

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