I need help my cat loving peeps. Im coming to grips with Clyde being a regular household breed but ....

I still believe he's a certain breed that I cant figure out. At first I thought Persian Himalayan mix then someone said maybe mainecoon since he has long ear hair. Then a "professional" said domestic med hair. Ive never seen a regular cat with his type of face and his Color. I'm still unsure of what u would call his Color. Chocolate point smoke ? His coat has changed so much. He was very malnourished so his coat isn't to its potential yet but its getting better. Id appreciate any input regardless if its a vote for the reg domestic med hair lol thanks my Kitty loving peeps

Asked by Clyde on Jan 5th 2013 Tagged help, breed, color, kitten, chocolate, point, smoke, mainecoon, domesticmedhair, smoke in Breeds
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