I need a name for my 6 week old tortie!

She is very vocal and a little shy but loves to be petted, her tail sort of lays down over her back instead of standing up. She will be a small cat from what i seen of her mother and older sister. I like names like Autumn, Pumpkin and Zena but I want something that fits to her color and more exotic and definitely pretty. Any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1112344 on May 23rd 2012 Tagged names in Kittens
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I had a chocolate point female Siamese. She was beautiful. Inside and out. People loved her. All our cats and dogs loved her. She was very feminine and had a deep respect for all living creatures. And during the17 yrs we were blessed with her persistent reminder of the importance of love and tolerance she demonstrated it with four cats, a hunting dog, a whippet, 2 carin terriers, a German Shepard, a Labrador, a poodle, a parrot, and even a canary. I bred her once with a sealpoint who's owner was a friend of mine. He was a vet. Our agreement was he could pick one kitten and I could sell the rest. I agreed because his litter pick was a gift to his best friend. He put his friends Siamese down after a long battle with kidney failure. Two weeks later his friends wife and infant child were killed by a drunk driver. My cats name was "Ritzi" we all joked that when we did something awesome we were "putting on the Ritz"

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I love names that most people would probably consider exotic or weird. I love Greek Mythology too, so I love the names associated with that. Here's some suggestions: Twinkle, Twilight, Star, Jade, Mimzy, Mitzi, Artemis, Calypso, Demeter, Gaia, Harmony, Harmonia, Persephone, Pandora, Psyche, Layla, Alya, Callisto, Echo, Rhiannon, Mystic, Mystery, Anastasia, Delia, Kitana, Malaika, Sarafinah, Thalia, Fallon, Jada, Zena, Bree, Nissa, Lyric, Destiny, Naria, Zane, Jana, Cali, etc.

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I love love love either natural names (Twilight, Topaz,) month or season names (Autumn, April) and human names (Sabrina, Melanie). Unique, original names are always the best. For a truley gorgeous name, check a field guide or astronomy book. Some examples of garden-themed names are: Primrose, Larkspur, Morning Glory, Magnolia, and Dewdrop. Astronomy names include: Sky, Midnight, Dawn, Star, Eclipse, and Moonbeam. Hope this helps!

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