I love my adopted stray but ....

I currently have 4 cats, a small dog and a young child.

I have had 3 (2 males and 1 female) of my 4 cats (and the dog) since they were weeks old, they are all 8-11 years old.
Recently we took in a stray cat, Wendy (a male), 4 months ago.
Wendy is 4 years old. He was found in my work's warehouse, it was unknown how long he had been a stray.

His history was completely unknown to us. All we knew was that he was born at the SPCA and adopted out at 2 months old. His owners were unreachable by animal control and the SPCA.
After 2 weeks in the shelter, we decided to welcome this lovely cat into our family.

Shortly after he started marking his territory in a few spots in our home which is now coming to be quite awful and repeated cleaning is now longer working. It is a large assumption it is Wendy.

Frequent spots are next to the dining room table, front entrance way (carpet), next to my side of the bed and one of the other cats bed.

The urination in the kitchen stopped and we removed the soiled cat bed and have not replaced.
The urination at the front door has not gotten better but has gotten worse. And next to my bed is infrequent but still happens. We have had the carpets cleaned twice and the odour doesn't go away and the spraying continues.

I have enough litter boxes downstairs for everyone but Wendy doesn't seem to use them.

I am at my wits end with this issue.
I am adamant NOT to return Wendy to the shelter because I am very hopeful this mega issue can be fixed.

I am not sure what actions should be taking.

Wendy goes outside after I get home from work and comes home at bed time, which is when the spraying happens.

Perhaps it is not him and is one of the other cats, who do NOT seem to have any issue with him. They are very friendly with all animals and other cats.

Please help !

I have read many ideas online and they all are repetitious. Possible bladder infection, territory etc.

If it is territory how do I change that instinct.

Wendy is part of our family now and I don't know what to do

Thank you for lending your reading eyes and I hope you can help.

Asked by Member 1189564 on Sep 11th 2013 in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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Does Wendy use the litter box at all? Because he goes outside, I wonder if he is litter trained? And although you have cleaned the carpets, cat urine can only be completely removed with an enzymatic cleaning product. PetSmart sells Nature Miracle and I have been told the dog formula, it is stronger. If he is spraying it will be on the walls, not just on the floor and I assume he is neutered? That will make a huge difference with spraying/peeing and territory. And maybe try keeping him indoors.
Is Wendy from your work's warehouse or the SPCA? A lot of times cats taken away from their mom too early can have emotional issues as mom hasn't taught them the rules and they are somewhat abandoned. They tend to knead more and suck on things like blankets. If everybody gets along then I would suggest getting the areas completely clean and watch for him using the box and reward with treats. There s/b a box for every cat + 1. If he was territorial I think you would see more aggression. Good Luck!

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Bezalel Tiger

Please see Izzie's recent post regarding stain and odor issues. ^_^

Bezalel Tiger answered on 9/20/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer