I have two 6 week old female kittens. The one has become aggressive with food, growls at me and the other kitten if we c

Asked by Member 1161810 on Mar 29th 2013 in Aggression
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Angel Wiggles (7-21-05/9-13-15

A kitten who acts aggressive over food is usually very hungry. The hungrier the kitten is, the more aggressive it is likely to act with food. Free choice feed the kittens dry food so they both can eat their fill. If you feed canned food in addition to dry food, serve the canned food in two dishes, one for each kitten, and set the dishes several feet apart. Make sure the kitten who is doing the growling gets enough to eat. It usually takes some time of consistently having plenty of food for a kitten to stop showing the frantic aggressive hungry behavior.

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