I have mother cat who is still nursing her kittens at 12 weeks. We want to spay her. Should we wait?Can it be done now?

This is her first litter and she is a very attentive mom. She nurses two to three times a day. Our concern is that if we spay her now is that the kittens health will suffer. We also do plan on spaying and neutering the kittens in the near future. If we have to do it later, because of financial cirucustances we will have to split up the spaying and neutering. The mom and the girl would be spayed first and the two boys would be neutered the next month. We want to avoid this, but the kittens health comes first.

Asked by Member 971242 on Dec 3rd 2013 Tagged nursing, spayingandneutering in Spaying & Neutering
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The kittens are old enough to not have to depend on their mother anymore for milk. They are old enough to be eating canned kitten food & dry kitten food. Get them some food & try to get them off their mother. You can go ahead & get the mother spayed. I'd suggest getting the kittens spayed & neutered within the next month too. It is not impossible for a 4 month old kitten to become pregnant, kinda rare, but not impossible.

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Panda Bear

You can introduce hard food to the kittens immediately!! Orphaned and rescued kittens are eating dry food by only 8 weeks! My kitten was weaned by six weeks due to her feral family being trapped! Ask your vet about making an appointment to bring the momma in first, then the girls and then the boys. You have a good plan, and my girl will be spayed at 5 months. Make sure that your guys eat a healthy kitten food like Natural Choice, with small little pieces for baby teeth! ^_^

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