I have a five year old cat and had an eleven year old who died two months ago..should I get a kitten or a same age cat?

Asked by Member 1141812 on Nov 22nd 2012 in Behavior & Training
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It really depends on what kind of kitty your five year old is, some cats thrive on cat interaction, some prefer not to live with others, i would highly recommend adopting an older kitty(maybe a two or three year old) from a shelter there are so many unwanted cats that are in desperate need of a loving home and a second chance at happiness, most cats in shelters are there through no fault of thier own so i wouldnt worry about many massive behavioural issues. Kittens are full of life and hard going,older cats are more tolerant and less likely to be a pain or massive stress for your Five year old, you also will have the chance to meet and greet prespective cats, and the shelter employees can tell you about thier personalities and whether or not they would be suited. Whatever happens, if you adopt again or not,hope all goes well!

Batfink answered on 11/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer