I have a cat and her nipples are pretty big and pink, but her belly is skinny. Does that mean she's pregnant?

Asked by Member 1103555 on Apr 1st 2012 Tagged cats in Kittens
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If she is over 5 months old, they are suddenly much bigger and pinker than before, she's not fixed, and she lives with any unaltered males or has had access to the outdoors, then yes, it may very well be an indication she is in the early stage of pregnancy.

Since you don't sound like a professional breeder and probably don't have homes lined up for potential kittens (probably 2-5 but possibly 10 or more) you may want to consider calling local vets now and seeing if they will still spay her (aborting the pregnancy and preventing future pregnancies)- for her sake, the unborn fetuses sake, and for the sake of the millions of cats out there looking for good homes that there just aren't enough of. If you consider going that route it's much better if you get it done as early as possible, and even if you decide to let her have the kittens a vet can let you know roughly when to expect them and instruct you on proper care during her pregnancy.

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