I have 2 male cats one is 2 and the other is 3 well this morning my 2 year old cat jumped of the wardrobe onto my bed

Then started fighting with the 3 year old one and now we can't put the. Together without them fighting they have lived together for 2 and half years and never had a big fight what can I do

Asked by Member 1147270 on Dec 30th 2012 Tagged fightingcats in Behavior & Training
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Jelly Bean


Who knows what happened between the two when you wern't home.

Try feeding them togeather but from differwnt bowles. Don't play favorites, love on both of them.

No matter what you want to belive, the fact is that there is always going to be a dominent cat. Some times you see the ugly side of being a cat.

Odds are the yonger one is trying to make a play for the top spot. Old dude might let him have it.

Monitor when they are togeather and see if you can see if this behavior is going someware or are they just fussing.

Hope this helps a little. You can find more information on my site

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