I had to put one of my pair of bonded cats to sleep. Should I get another companion cat?

I adopted my cats as kittens from the same litter. After eight years, and a long struggle with insulin-resistant diabetes, I had to put the male to sleep. The female has always been a sweet and friendly cat, but now that she is an only cat she's been stuck to me like glue. She doesn't seem depressed so much as bored. I'd love to get another cat, but I'm worried. I'd hate to bring one home from a shelter and have them hate each other. Of course she can't tell me if she'd like a friend or if she's content. Should I just go for it? Suggestions?

Asked by Member 1146664 on Dec 26th 2012 in Adoption & Rescue
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I kind of went through this though not with a cat of the same age as yours (My female cat, Milan, is a year and a half). I adopted another female cat about a year old who seemed very timid to be a companion to Milan. I had her here about a week and she became a bully to Milan. They'd keep me up at night sometimes fighting. I had to separate them when I went to work. I ended up taking the other cat back to the shelter and got a slightly younger cat (she was 4 mos st the time) and they bonded immediately. In short, my recommendation would be to get a companion. If it doesn't work you can always take the cat back to the shelter (I know, that's never anyone's first choice but I wouldn't let it stop you). Milan is MUCH happier with her playmate (and so am I hahaha she was stuck to me like glue before).

Member 1146660 answered on 12/26/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


This could be a great opportunity for you and your kitty to be each others companions and bond to a higher level. If you want to get another cat then it sounds like she would be accepting of that as well. If you decide to adopt a kitty friend be sure and tell the shelter workers about the personality of the cat you already have and they can help you to choose a new friend who will compliment her personality rather than clash with it.

George answered on 12/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer