I had talked to a vet today about Dixie's yellowish discharge......

and the vet said its her cervix spreading apart so she can have her babies he also said that she could have her babies in the next day or within a week so we are keeping an eye on her and the dogs and cats got neutored today so we have no more babies going to be made in this yard for a while Summer jack and Fernando are going to a farm my teacher is going to adopt them so one less female in the yard we only have one female and thats mama cat she will pop and we will have more cats running around her so the more my teacher wants the more she will get Dixie's kittens will be going to a good home when they are old enough well they all will be going to good homes when they get adopted

Asked by Dixie on Mar 26th 2011 in News & Events
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Izadore (Izzie)

We are happy to hear that you have been in contact with a vet about Dixie. And, it's also good to hear that you've had all your animals spayed or neutered. When Mama Cat has her kittens and they are weaned, you should also consider having her spayed. Your teacher can only take so many animals--is she keeping them as pets? You sound confident that all the babies will be going to good homes. You must have interviewed each adopter to make sure that the babies will be well cared for. Thank you for doing the right thing for these animals.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Mar 27th.

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