i cleaned the litter box and about an hour later my kitty pooped on the mat in front of it.

my cat sometimes poops on the mat in front of the litter box. there isnt a particular pattern when he does it. the last time he did this it had only been an hour or so since i cleaned it so that makes me think it has nothing to do with how clean or dirty the box is. i scoop it every day. any ideas on why he does this and how to get him to stop. its yucky and im tired of cleaning poop. thanks

Asked by Member 1071518 on Dec 6th 2011 Tagged accidents, litterbox in Urine Marking & House Soiling
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My cats prefer the "sand dunes" (heh!) of litter that Izzie mentioned, but Ralphie doesn't like it when the litter gets changed. The boxes are scooped several times a day and he seems to prefer a clean box that way, but he doesn't care for new litter at all. Whenever we dump and clean the boxes, he stands around each box and sniffs and sniffs, climbs in and digs around, and just generally acts odd. Fortunately, he still uses the boxes and he's fine once there's a deposit or two, but he's weird for several hours. The litter is unscented, we clean the boxes with the same solution used for spot-cleaning, the boxes are rinsed thoroughly - we can't figure out what seems to bother him about a thoroughly clean box. Maybe he just prefers to have his own scent in the box, I don't know.

Until you figure out what's up with your little guy, you could try using a drop cloth or some butcher paper instead of a litter mat for a while, to make cleanup easier.

answered on Dec 6th.

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He may not like the litter. The scent, the brand, the substance. My cats hate pine pellets and corn and other natural kinds. Some clay litters are scented too strongly and can be dusty. If the box has a cover, he may prefer an open box. Or the box may be too small for him to fit in comfortably. Or if he is older, maybe sometimes his joints ache and it's harder to climb in. My girl Piper actually poops outside the box because she is a silly careless kitten. She doesn't step in far enough and her butt hangs over even though it is large enough. Then she gets out and tries to find litter on the floor to cover her mess.

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Izadore (Izzie)

Allie's right. When I clean my boxes, I always find mess around them. I suspect it's Delilah, but it could be any of the 3 of them. Sometimes the poop gets kicked out of the box accidentally. Since I'm lucky they don't use my bed or the area behind the sofa for a potty, I just use the scoop and flip it back in the box when I clean it. A friend told me one time that she actually saves a few clumps and puts them back in with the clean litter. She swears it works. Make sure you're either using enough litter (should be about one and one half inches deep) and/or not too much. Some kitties don't like to be up to their ankles in litter, they prefer just enough to cover the bottom, and others like sand dunes in their box.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 12/6/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Don't put too much litter. Some cats prefer 1-2 inch MAX of litter in their box. Also, scented litter is the devil. Remember that cats have a stronger sense of smell than we do, and they can grow an aversion to the perfume.

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