I am getting ready to make a large move.How do I introduce my cat to the new home so that he will not spray

He is already skittish around new people. Also he has been fixed at a young age, but he did spray for awhile due to stress from the passing of my other cat, but I was able to break him of it.

Asked by Member 1189548 on Sep 11th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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When you get to your new home, give him a quiet, safe place to decompress like a spare bedroom with a litter box, food and water. Also a blanket or something with your scent on it. Maybe put boxes in the room that he can hide in for awhile. Let him come out at his own pace. Go in and visit but give him space. When I moved, I took the cats first and put them in a room and put a sign on the door "DO NOT ENTER-CATS" so my friends wouldn't barge in on them during the move. Your cat will probably start to investigate at night when things are quiet but make sure there are familiar scents around for him. Because he sprayed before, maybe a laundry room or basement? I assume he is neutered? There is also a product called Feliway that relaxes cats helps with bathroom problems. Copy and paste: Good Luck!

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