King Meiko

How to get my cat to take his meds?

I just adapted a 3 yr old male cat from the SPCA. They “cleared” him to be adapted and said everything looks good. Here is the food he has been eating here. They gave me a 5lb bag of cat food.

First two days he doesn’t eat. I think possibly stress, new home etc. third day call the vet (14 day free re-check). Blood work, x-rays, vet says nothing is wrong, try canned cat food. Get canned cat food, he tries to eat, and then vomits. So, I water it down hoping he will at least “drink” some nutrience. This seems to work, so for a week he is on a liquid diet.

Then I try to slowly add less water. He vomits. Vet says bring him in for more blood work. Results come back with very high white blood cell count. So, vet gives me two types of meds, which have to be taken with food. PROBLEM!!! HE ISNT EATING, nor can he keep anything down other than liquid. Any advice????

I stopped giving him his meds because he vomits it up.

Asked by King Meiko on Feb 6th 2013 Tagged food, sick, highwhitebloodcells in Medications
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Izadore (Izzie)

It sounds like there might be a breakdown of communications between you and your vet. You do need to call them and tell them that you are unable to get the meds down your cat because the meds have to be taken with food and he isn't able to keep anything down and is vomiting up his food and the meds. Sometimes, medicines, especially antibiotics if that's what he's on, can be compounded in a liquid form. Amoxicillin is a popular one that comes in both tablet and liquid form. If he is able to tolerate liquids, he should be able to keep that down. In any case, if he's not getting the meds, he's not getting better.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 2/6/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer