How to get my cat from peeing on the couch?

Lucy keeps peeing on the couch! I'm going crazy. Yes she uses her litter box daily and I am constantly cleaning it out every day. Both my cats have their own litter box. About one ever week or two, Lucy pees on the couch. I should take stock out in Nature's Miracle! This all started two years ago. First We got rid of our futon, then last year we moved in with my fiance, Lucy peed on our microfiber couch. We delt with it, professional cleaners, plastic, etc. We moved again last October and Over Christmas, My husband bought me a beautiful new leather sofa. Guess what... a week later, Lucy peed on it! I can't win! Three houses, three sofas, each in a different location. Leather is easier to clean, but this is ridiculas! I tried the no stay boundary spray, positive and negative reinforcement. She didn't have a UTI, I took her to the VET several times over the last year Nothing seems to work. Please help. I really don't want to get rid of her, but she is ruining our furniture

Asked by LUCY on Jan 7th 2011 in Behavior & Training
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It seems like Lucy doesn't like change, especially in environments. However, she shouldn't be urinating on the couch if you are keeping her litterbox as clean as you say. What about the cat litter you are using? Cats do not like scented cat litter. Does the litter need to be changed more frequently and not just scooped? Try adding a third litterbox. You should have one more litterbox than cats - in your case - you need three litterboxes. Keep them scrupulously clean! Scrub those soiled areas with Nature's Miracle and let it thoroughly dry. Lucy shouldn't want to go on that same spot. If it were my new couch, I would take it one step further and keep a blanket or sheet on the couch with a waterproof protector underneath (like you would use for a child who pees the bed). I always keep a sheet on my couch just to keep it clean from my cats, but they never pee on it. I hope this helps some. I certainly don't want Lucy to lose her happy home because of inappropriate elimination

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If it's just the couch, try process of elimination. Think of what takes place on the couch. Point your webcam there and turn it on record. This sounds silly but for all you know there could be something up with "couch events" thats provoking Lucy to mark her territory.

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Bella  My Beautiful Angel

My Bella will leave some poop on the couch, which is her sleeping place, for us when we come back from vacation. She does it every time. I think it's her way of saying it bothers her that we went and left her (with a sweet catsitter!) for the time we were gone.
Change Lucy's litter might help. So might adding an extra litter box. One of my cats will meow constantly til I change litter, and we actually change his litter daily, because he hated a box that had been used before.
We now don't use clay litter, but one thats wheat based, because we found the cats liked it better.
The other thing is Lucy may need alot of emotional interaction from both you and your husband. I'm wondering too if maybe she is not marking her territory-is she the Alpha cat, or the submissive cat? Sometimes that has something to do with it?
I understand your feelings, but remember, a couch is just a material thing. Lucy is a living being, and to me, that is what matters.

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