How much should my cat weigh?

Hi! My cat is around 7 years old. Just figured out that the other cats in my house haven't been giving her a chance to eat food in the morning when my mom feeds them all, so she got really thin. I know she needs to put on weight, but I'm not sure how much. I weighed her and she's about 8 pounds, maybe less (I weighed her after I just fed her). I read about domestic longhairs and it seems that they should be about 8-10 pounds, but with Nina I can feel each vertebrae of her back bone and I know that means she's very underweight. She is a BIG cat, very long, so I'm wondering if she's part Maine Coon.

I go away to college and everything gets crazy! I would appreciate some feedback.

Thanks a bunch!


Asked by Member 1208757 on Jan 10th 2014 Tagged food, nutrition, weight in Other Food & Nutrition
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Pookie Face (in memory)

Your mom needs to use separate bowls so that each animal has a chance to eat their proper share of food. Mom can also drop a few treats your kitty's way during the day such as Greenies SmartBites. Ask the vet how much weight she needs to gain during her next check-up. Your mom can also sneak her a little extra food when nobody else is around, on occasion, until she gains the necessary amount of weight. Thanks for caring! ^_^

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