How much food should I be feeding my 3-month-old kitten?

I just adopted a 3 month old kitten about a week ago. I was instructed by the shelter to feed him the following. Morning: ½ of a 3-oz can of wet kitten food plus 1/3 cup of dry kitten food, Night: ½ of a 3-oz can of wet kitten food plus 1/3 cup of dry kitten food. With the dry food, he eats a bite every now and then throughout the day but he never finishes it all. However, he devours the wet food as though he is starving and sits next to the bowl when he is done and meows for more, even though there is plenty of dry food left. Should I be feeding him more wet food? He has a TON of energy, he has grown even in the last week and he seems healthy so he doesn’t seem like he is starving, but I feel bad because he cries for more wet food.

Asked by Member 1128052 on Aug 28th 2012 in Other Food & Nutrition
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mix the dry with the wet and a little water believe me it will scarf it down in no time and the dry food will add bulk to the wet food and baby will be full for a while also baby will drink more water because of the dry food

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