how much dry food do i feed my cats?

i have two 8 month old cats, and two 4 month old cats. how much do i feed them?? my two 8 month old cats are getting pretty big and i dont know what to do. i feed them two times a day, and not alot either. what brand is the best, but not tons of money? i feed them purina kitten chow right now. and when should i take my cats off of kitten food, and switch to adult food? please answer!!!

Asked by Member 1069349 on Nov 8th 2011 Tagged food in Pet Food
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I have been raising, rescuing and taking care of cats for 17 years. Unless you feed the cats separately the little guys are going to eat what the big guys eat and it wont hurt them at all. Since you are already feeding them Purina kitten chow if you want Purina makes a all natural cat chow you can find it at Walmart its 13 pounds for about 13 dollars, I have given mine regular cat chow I have also feed them Friskies over the years, I have some that are over 12 years old and can still give the young ones a run for there money so to speak, vet says everybody is fine and healthy as always so I must be doing something right. While your guys are still young you should continue to feed them twice a day about a fourth a cup, you can feed them some can a couple times a week that would be good for them once they get to be 2 years and up you can feed them once a day about a fourth a cup and again if you want to give the some canned food a couple times a week. Hope this helps.

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