How little food is too little?

My little 4 month is sick with URI and lost his appetite. He eats 1.5 ounce wet plus tbs dry twice a day normally, but now will just about get 1/2 ounce wet only in him, twice a day. He is still pooing and peeing and plays as usual. I read horrible things about hepatic lipidosis and syringe feeding. How little is too little? He is on ointment for eyes and still awaiting antibiotics to be made up

Asked by Member 1211370 on Feb 2nd 2014 Tagged foodfeedingsyringeinfectioncoldvirus in Illness & Disease
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Panda Bear

Why don't you keep a bowl of dry food out for him all of the time? Until he's well, there's nothing wrong with keeping up his appetite. Natural Choice kitten food has small pieces that a four-month-old should be able to chew, no problem. If you see him having any difficulty when eating, just sprinkle some water onto the dry food and let it absorb, which will make it a tad softer. Hope that he is feeling better very soon! ^_^

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