How is a British Shorthair towards baby, kids, and strangers ??

How is a British Shorthair cat towards baby, children, and strangers ??
I saw a lot of BSH profiles ..that say they dont like kids noise and strangers..... Do they simply just hate them?? Do they run away when strangers come ??

I would be glad to get as many answers as possible! :)

Thank you... ^^-

Asked by Member 1066237 on Nov 16th 2011 in British Shorthair
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I think it depends on the environment the kitties have been brought up in, Cheech and Dino were both rescued but Cheech was still young and therefore has got used to when we have visitors and children in the house and will even treat them the same way as he does us......... meows for a treat, if you talk to him he talks back and will even lay down for his belly rub (his favourite greeting) and he is DSH. Dino is DLH but she was alot older when she was rescued (6 months) and came from an environment where it took her 2 months just to get used to myself and my partner she has not taken kindly to strangers of any sort.

I do hope this helps :)

Cheech answered on 11/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer