How do you train a therapy cat?

I've heard that it is possible to train cats to visit people in nursin homes, and I would like to know how to train our new kitten to do so, but I on't know how. Is there any information available?

Asked by Kit-Kat on Mar 16th 2008 Tagged training, therapy, socialization in Methods of Training
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well first you have to make sure that your cat has the right temperament. If you think that your cat has the right temperament than I would suggest that you buy this book called " Delta Society Student Manual Pet Partners Team Training Course." It is a bit expensive ( about $40) but it is sure worth the money. It has a bunch of great information about how to prepare your cat for therapy work and what kind of people you would visit.

You could also see if there is a Delta Society program going on in your area that you could get involved at. I would suggest you contact your local hospital or nursing home to see if they are aware of any program going on in your area.

I know in my area the S.P.C.A. near me has a program called companion animal therapy. Try contacting the animal shelter near you and ask if they have any animal therapy programs.

I hope it works out Kit-Kat!

Garfield answered on 3/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer