How do you give eye drops to a struggling cat?

My cat recently got a black eye from no one knows what. The vet put her under. anesthesia today to take a closer look at the eye and told me that there was a small abrasion that was probably caused by her eyelashes as her lids swelled up. The upshot is, the eye drops that I couldn't get in her before are now doubly important. She's a wiggly cat as it is and, when pinned, tosses her head around like mad. I live alone and don't have anyone in the area who could help me with this task. And, as if that's not complicated enough, let's add the fact that I have low vision and am reluctant to get too close to the eye less I poke her.

I could use some suggestions. Do they make kitty straitjackets :-/

Asked by Fleur on May 7th 2014 Tagged eyedrops in Medications
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Wrap your kitty in a towel with just her head sticking out. This basically is creating your own version of a kitty straitjacket. If she moves her head around, grab her scruff right behind her head to hold her head still with one hand and apply her eye drops with the other hand.

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