How do you clear up calluses on a cat's legs?

My one cat loves to sleep in the windowsill. She jams her head into the lower corner of the windowsill and tries to sleep. Most of the time she falls out, and when she does she gets a rug burn callus on her rear legs when she scrapes the carpet upon landing. They have begun bleeding. She has blood on the windowsills in the apartment as well. We will be moving shortly and I want to treat she and her sister for fleas before we move into the new place. They both have a skin condition that causes bumps and small scabs, vet gave them steroids and the problem cleared up but recurs. Not sure if they will dip she or her sister with this condition. I can't keep her out of the windows, have tried the stay-away sprays but she will still sit in the window. What should I do about the calluses, and the skin condition? I hate to see little "Q" suffer with her calluses.

Asked by Member 1157116 on Feb 26th 2013 Tagged calluses, skin, steroids in Skin Problems
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Izadore (Izzie)

It's nearly impossible to stop a cat from watching "Cat TV" out the window. Izzie and Lizzie both do it. I don't think it's wise to treat a cat with open sores for fleas and I wouldn't let anyone do it even if they say it's OK. For my cats, I purchased a "window perch" which is a frame with sherpa or some other soft material attached to it almost like a hammock. You put a strip of Velcro on the windowsill and another on the perch. It has legs that sit up against the wall under the window. My cats LOVE it. They can't fall off or out of it. It's big enough for both of them. It's available at pet stores or online. The adhesive removes easily with "Goof Off" cleaner.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 2/28/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer