How do I stop my cat from chewing the wiskers off my other cat

Asked by Member 1154972 on Feb 12th 2013 Tagged wiskerchewing in Behavior & Training
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They will grow back. Mother cats often chew the whiskers short on their kittens when the kittens first start trying to get out of the nest, to try to keep the kittens from wandering away from the nest. After awhile the kittens become too mobile for the mother cat to be able to make them stay in the nest and then the mother sort of gives up on trying to keep the kittens in the nest.

Some cats have shorter whiskers than others. Cats also shed and regrow whiskers regularly. An adult cat isn't going to put up with another cat chewing its whiskers off unless the cat truly doesn't care. As I said before, the whiskers will grow back.

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