How do I stop getting so mad at my cat

I just moved back into my mom's house and noticed my cat of 3.5 years was lonely. I got him a new friend. I discovered a couple months ago that they both now have fleas. So new cat brought fleas in with him and I find myself resenting him. I got them both treated with frontline and reapply it every 3 weeks as directed by the vet. I found more fleas in my room and found myself yelling at the cats to stay out of my room.

Tonight I figured I'd try to kill some fleas and maybe make them feel a little better by giving them a bath. First cat didn't like it but tolerated but new cat FLIPPED. He used my skin as a ladder and clawed and climbed me and I was bleeding. As he was running away I chucked the towel at him and it hit him and he fell down a couple stairs. I was kind of satisfied at the time because he wasn't hurt, but now I'm disgusted with myself. How do I keep myself from flipping out on him? And from comparing him to my well behaved cat? I don't want to give him up but I get upset.

Asked by Member 1127046 on Aug 22nd 2012 Tagged bath, scratch, fleas, newcat in Behavior & Training
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Never chuck/throw/toss/sling/let go/launch/fire/heave/lob anything at your cats. You are very lucky to have them. When you bathed them, what type of soap were you using? Were you careful not to get it in their eyes? Did you vacuum your house to get rid of fleas? If you have had fleas for a while you most likely have them living in your carpet. Its not your cats fault. Don't get mad at your cats. Use a "Flea Bomb" Get cats and everyone out of house, the day you use a "Flea Bomb" I think the its 6 or 8 hours you have to stay out of house. When you get home, vacuum and make sure cats are up to date on Frontline. You should have no problem after that. Good luck... You can get a "FleaBomb" in any market or pet store. Read directions.

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When you agree to be a pet owner, you are agreeing to all that comes with it. Cats can get fleas sometimes that you'll have to deal with. They will vomit up hairballs on the carpet that you'll have to clean up & more. In order to really get rid of the fleas, you need to treat the house as the previous poster said.

All cats as well as other animals & all people have their own personality. We all must accept people/animals for who they are. Everyone's personality doesn't always go well together, but we accept the differences.

It sounds like you get upset a bit easy. You need to figure out why. Are you unhappy at work & in your personal life? There's always room for us to improve. Try working on that.

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Izadore (Izzie)

We all have moments when we behave in a way that digusts us when we think back on it. The good thing is that you realized you acted improperly toward the cat. I've been bitten and clawed by both cats and dogs and I can understand that the pain may have caused you to strike out at the reason. If you find yourself feeling this way often, you do need to speak with someone, even your family doctor. Ask your vet how to rid your house and cats of fleas. They can sell you a "bomb" spray for your home. When you feel like you want to strike out at the cat, or at anything, practice deep breaths. Remove yourself from the situation before you act out. Go for a walk. Go to the kitchen for a glass of water. If you do find you harbor resentment for this cat on a continual basis, they you probably should contact whevever you adopted him and ask if you can return him. Good luck! We send purrs.

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I have fought fleas many times, and I have found that bombs don't work very well. What's better is a spray with insect growth regulator in it. It will kill adults and disrupt the maturation of larvae and nymphs. You want one that has a 90 - 120 day residual effect, so that it will work on larvae that hatch out of eggs (nothing will kill eggs). You spray it where fleas hang out - furniture, cat beds and trees, the borders of carpets along the baseboards, anywhere else the cat likes to sit or sleep. It's much more effective and it doesn't coat everything in the house, like hard surfaces that don't need treatment. You have to keep vacuuming while you're doing this, putting spray-soaked cotton balls inside the bag or cannister to make sure live ones don't sneak through.

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