How do I know how old my cat is?

We got a cat when our neighbors moved and she is starting to show signs that she might be older than we thought. I think she might have bad eyesight too. How do i figure out how old she is? Judging on how long they had her and how long shes been with us she must be 3 years at the very least. You can message me if more info is needed.

Asked by Kitty on Apr 4th 2010 Tagged kitty in Senior Pet
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Tabitha Tabbyboots

When we took Tabitha in, she was an adult cat & we had no clue how old she was. Our vet approximated her age based on tooth wear. Cats are considered seniors at age 10, and can really wear their age well until they reach their early teens; so it can be hard to judge just by looking at them. Is Kitty an outdoor cat? Outside cats will age faster, because their life is more stressful out in the elements, and they have to deal with rivals for their territory and food supply. Please take her into the vet for a checkup and vaccinations if you haven't done so already. Bless your heart for taking her in : ).

Tabitha Tabbyboots answered on Apr 8th.

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