How do I get my cat to use his new cat tree?

I have recently got a cat treat for my cat, Boki... He's two years old... I tried putting some catnip (which he doesn't really response to), cat treats and his fave toys, but I don't have any luck...

The cat tree is put by our window, it is not too tall, it's about the same height as the window ledge (about 2.5-3 feet)... Boki likes to sit at the ledge sometimes to watch the world.... that's why we bought the tree for him.... He still sits at the window ledge, but still avoiding the cat tree....

How can I get him to use it? or should I just return it??

Asked by Hayden on Nov 11th 2007 Tagged cattree, toys, play in Toys
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Gizmo Frisky Briggs

try scratching on it to get their attension or, take a string toy and dangle it so they will have to climb the tree to get at it.it worked for me.

Gizmo Frisky Briggs answered on Nov 12th.

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It took Sam a few weeks to realize how awesome his cat tree is (and I was mad at first because it was expensive!) He then fell in love with it, we got Hunter, and now one of them is in it basically at all times. I think it just takes them so time to get used to it being there and then want to explore it. You can always move it to a new spot if he doesn't start to like it in a week or two.

Sam answered on 11/11/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer