how can you find out the breed of your cat?

where can i for sure find out the breed of my cat? i think hes a ragamuffin but not sure.

Asked by Member 957279 on Feb 4th 2010 Tagged breed in Breeds
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Cats are not dogs, and it's said that over 95% of them do not have a "breed." Ragamuffins are a relatively new breed, and nowadays breeders tend to sell desexed cats. People who spend a lot of money for a purebred are unlikely to let it go outside and mate with the local moggies. However, there are always exceptions--cats who escape, cats who are abandoned, etc. Without a photograph, there's no way to guess what kind of genetic heritage your cat has. Join Catster, post photos, and we'll try again. Who knows? You may actually have a real Ragamuffin, but the chances are slim. Join Catster and have fun.

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