How can we help a stray cat with dental disease - we're trying to find it a home but now it comes with expensive needs

Took it to the vet to determine gender and age and that's when they told us about the advanced dental disease - said it would cost $500 to fix. It is a stray cat we can't keep - daughter allergic - but it is a neutered male, skin and bones, so we fed this starving animal. It has been eating a lot and also drinking so I don't know how serious this is, but at the vet's they made it sound like the cat was in dire straits. Please advise on what we can do to help the cat. It is a doll, well - behaved and calm, obviously was someone's cat...perhaps the vet's was comfortable with dogs, calm and easy. It would make a wonderful housecat but I could not expect a family to take a cat which needs that kind of expensive care. Maybe one of you has an idea of what we could do to help this nice cat. We have checked with a local trap-neuter-return program but since the cat had been neutered already that wasn't the right place to call. They only do shots and such, not dental care.

Asked by Member 1115935 on Jun 15th 2012 Tagged straycat, dentaldisease, adviceforcare in Dental Care
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I don't know if there's a good answer for you. You're very compassionate to want to help him. Some shelters have special funds set aside for animals that come to them with medical needs. Perhaps you can locate one in your general area that could accept him and fix him up.

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