How can I keep my cat off my chair?

My 1yo kitty, Michio, won't stay off /my/ chair. I have another 3yo cat, Snerf who never goes on any furniture.

He stays off all the sofas, and other chairs, but not mine. I've had him since he was a kitten... 9 weeks old. He and Snerf are neutered but not declawed. I had Snerf since he was a kitten also.

Michio enjoys playing with oranges (incl. peels), plastic bags, foil, shoes and all his cat toys. I've put all kinds of stuff on my chair to try and keep him off including baskets (which he will just squeeze by the side of it), shoes, sheet of foil, flea spray, Lysol (before I go to work) etc.

I have recorded it twice overnight (when I work) to make sure it wasn't Snerf.

He used to get caught up there when I get home and I'd spray him with water, but now it doesn't even make him flinch.

I don't know what kind of cat he is, he is yellow with light brown spots and stripes.

He also steals muffins and potatoes.
He has also peed on it twice and I've cleaned it and rearranged.

Asked by Member 1164411 on May 1st 2013 Tagged sofa, couch, chair, train, steal in Methods of Training
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First of all, its advisable to have two litter pans for two cats. Open litter pans are usually preferred, many cats don't like covered litter pans and may refuse to use them. Make sure to keep the litter pans clean.

Cover the chair with a sheet of plastic like that used by painters and an old bedspread when you're not using it. That should help keep the chair clean. Urinating small amounts frequently and urinating in wrong places also can be a sign of a urinary medical problem, in which case your kitty needs to see a vet asap.

While cats may stay off the furniture when humans are present, they usually do get up on furniture when humans are not present.

Get a well-made large carpeted and sisal wrapped cat tree with shelves, etc that's sturdy enough it cannot be tipped over by a cat or cats. Cats usually prefer these cat trees to human furniture. The cat trees have saved my furniture from a lot of wear and tear in my own multiple cat home.

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