BooBoo ( Brocha Elizabeth)

how can i keep my cat from clawing the furniture? i want to get new, but i need help before it's an issue.

i want to get a new sofa/love seat. my old couch has a slip cover on it, so she doesn't bother it. except to scratch under the bottom of the slip cover! she's so smart.
i keep her nails cut and she has my 2 rattan chairs she uses as scratching posts (nice kitty) i don't want to get new furniture and then be yelling at her all the time. do those sprays for furniture (the ones supposed to keep cat from scratching) do they work? i've never know anyone who's used them. multiple brands. so any suggestions, i don't want to do anything mean, like yelling or spraying with water. this is her home too, but she's not paying for the sofa!!
i know the obvious answer is put a slip cover on. but i would like to enjoy a new one sans cover. thank you, brocha's momma

Asked by BooBoo ( Brocha Elizabeth) on Aug 31st 2011 in Scratching
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You might consider microfiber fabric for your new furniture. I've read that cats tend not to like the texture for some reason, and that seems to be true of my cats. They occasionally scratch at our microfiber sofas, but they can't seem to really get a grip with their claws so they stop quickly and haven't done any damage. The nubby-texture recliner is another story! They LOVE to rip it apart, even though we've covered the corners with duct tape as a deterrent and put a scratching post RIGHT NEXT to the chair! An added bonus with microfiber is that it's really easy to clean.

As far as the deterrent sprays, we tried Grannick's Bitter Apple spray with Ralphie, but he actually LIKED the stuff. We tried it on the aforementioned chair and it seemed to attract him - he'd sniff thoroughly and then claw away. He went through a cord-chewing phase and we sprayed it on the cords, but he'd lick it off and then chew the cord. The product gets many positive reviews, but it didn't work for us.

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