Hostile cat, we don't know what to do, if we can keep her around or where to take her?

I have two kitties and a small dog who loves his kitty, my husband and i recently decided to adopt and we found Molly, a 2yr old spayed, front declawed female, who HATES us. We have had her over two weeks and I've been able to pet her once for maybe 30 seconds before she freaked out hissing and swatting at me. We have no kids, our house is fairly quiet, she seems to get along with the other animals fine. She sits close to us, plays, eats, uses the litter box, is a normal cat aside from the fact you can't touch her. This is frustrating considering i have a small posse at all times :/ I called the lady we got her from and she told me she would have taken her to a shelter but knew she'd be put down because of her temperament. Basically telling me she pawned the cat on us bc she would have felt bad killing her. Now we feel stuck in our home with a very hostile cat, you can't get near her, even if she's in the way of your toilet without fear of being bitten because she's already hissing....

Asked by Member 1165487 on Apr 16th 2013 Tagged cat, angry, hostile, pet, antihuman in Aggression
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