High calorie dry food suggestions?

My black and white DSH is 11 years old and has had a front tooth problem and has lived on dry food all her life. She has lost weight and I have attempted to get her to try wet food. However, she will not eat it no matter what I try - different brands, textures, adding chicken broth, water, ground up treats, and warming it. She simply will not eat it. I need to find a decent, high calorie dry food that I can feed her. She is one of two cats and has been fed Iams weight control/hairball control dry food for the last several years (the other cat has a weight and hairball problem). I know she is hungry because of her weight loss and she is constantly begging for treats and human food. Right now I cannot get her to a vet, so I am trying to do anything I can. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know Science Diet is a good brand from what I've heard... any opinions? Any other suggestions for wet food to try?

Asked by Cupcake on Oct 5th 2012 Tagged food, weightloss in Pet Food
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Aww our cats are so stubborn!
Im not sure exactly which one would suit best but i know that ''Royal Canin'' worked very well when one of my kitties was trying to put on some weight, i got it from my vets surgery, im not sure if its available in America.
If kitty is showing interest in your food have you thought about cooking up some meat for her to eat along with her dry to help her gain some weight, ive never met a Kitty whos turned down some boneless chicken scraps, ive now got a box in my fridge for cooked meat scaps and i offer it as a snack or treat,and you ccan always mix it in with any new foods you have for her to try and ease the transition, but having the extra protein from the meat, may help Cupcake put on some weight, sorry i cannot help more with cat food brands being in Scotland, im not sure what would be available to you!! I hope you find something to help Cupcake soon!!! All the best!!

Batfink answered on 10/6/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer